My God, if I am to die tomorrow or suddenly at any time, I wish to receive Holy Communion in the morning as my Viaticum.  I desire that my last food may be the Body and Blood of my Savior and Redeemer; my last words: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph; my last affection an act of pure love of God and of perfect contrition for my sins; my last consolation to die in Thy holy love and in Thy holy grace.  Amen.

First Day – Sunflower of Conformity
 I salute thee, Blessed Anthony, in the name of the Queen of Heaven, and of all the angels and saints!  I thank Almighty God for bestowing on thee, as on them, the grace to be ever submissive to His holy will.  I beseech thee to approach the throne of God, in company with this glorious  Lady and the heavenly hosts, and by your united prayers and merits obtain for me my petition.  (Our Father. Hail Mary. Gloria.)

Second Day – Narcissus of Knowledge

I salute thee, blessed Anthony, in the name of all the patriarchs and prophets! I thank the good God for bestowing on thee, as on them,.. (continue)

Begin with the sign of the cross  
Announce the First Mystery and Say the Our Father on the fifth bead from the Cross.
Say one Hail Mary for each of the ten beads.
Announce the Second Mystery and then say the Our Father. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the 3rd through the 7th Mysteries.

The Traditional Mysteries of the Franciscan Crown

     1. Annunciation (Luke 1:31-32)

     2. Visitation (Luke 1:42, 45 )

     3. Nativity (Luke 2:6-7)


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He show His face to you and be merciful to you. May He turn his countenance to you, my sisters, and daughters, and give peace to you, and to all the others who come and remain in your company as well as to others now and in the future, who have persevered in every other monastery of the Poor Ladies.

I, Clare, a servant of Christ, a little plant of our most holy Father Francis, a sister and mother of you and the other poor sisters, although unworthy, beg our Lord Jesus Christ... (continue)

  In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
1. On the first beads say:
I thank Thee, Eternal Father, for having inThine Omnipotence, preserved Mary, Thy Daughter, from original sin.  

2. On the second set of beads say:
I thank Thee, Eternal Son, for having in They Wisdom, preserved Mary, Thy Mother, from original sin.  

3. On the third set of beads say:
I thank Thee, Holy and Eternal Spirit, for having in Thy Divine Love, preserved Mary,..

I Adore Thee, O Jesus, God of Love, truly present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I adore Thee, Who has come to Thine own, but wast not received by them. I adore Thee, Whom the majority of mankind reject and despise. I adore Thee, Whom the impious incessantly offend by their sacrileges and blasphemies. I adore Thee, Who art grieved by the coldness and indifference even of a vast number of Christians. I adore Thee, O Infinite Goodness, Who hast wrought so many miracles, in order to reveal Thy love to us. I adore Thee, with all the angels and saints, and with those chosen souls that are now already the blessed of Thy Father and are all aglow with burning love to Thee.  (continue)

Hail, O Mary!  Morning Star!
Mirror of Justice, hail!
Pure Lily of the Trinity,
Resplendent Rose of Paradise, hail!
My Queen!  My Mother!  I give thee all myself, and, to show my devotion to thee, I consecrate to thee my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart, my entire self.  Wherefore, O loving Mother, as I am thine own, keep me, defend me,  as thy property and possession.

Nos cum prole pia benedicat Virgo Maria!

(May the Virgin Mary with her Loving Offspring bless us. Amen)

O Jesus, O Mary, to you I give my soul and my body as a morning holocaust.  Most Holy Trinity, Triune God, I adore Thee and out of love for Thee, I offer myself as a servant of the Most Holy Sacrament.  My Love, grant that today I may serve Thee more faithfully and love Thee more ardently than I did yesterday, and that hidden with Thee, I may be a true victim of Love.

Franciscan Prayers