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With a promise to pray about it, we avoided them for the next several months, hoping they would forget.  But Toya wasn't about to let go of the inspiration so easily.  Gently and unobtrusively, she periodically reminded us about the proposal.  We told her we would take the next step and ask permission from our superior to do a radio show, never dreaming it would go any further.  But to our surprise, our superior thought it was a great idea.  The Texas Nuns hit the airwaves on May 1, 2013, with the first episode of A Good Habit.  Our weekly call-in show allows us to share a slice of our consecrated life with you, our listeners, and answer any questions you may have.‚Äč

We are firm believers that radio is a key medium of the Church's call to evangelize, and so it has been our privilege to assist GRN's fundraising efforts.  After one of the radio-thons we were visiting with Len, Toya, Doug and Richard, when they pitched the idea of a live radio show - hosted by us!  "We could call it A Good Habit," said Doug.  This was certainly out of our comfort zone!  What could we possibly have to say on the radio for an entire hour?

Our first introduction to Catholic radio in south Texas actually happened while we were still in Alabama.  During the annual Catholic Radio Conference held at EWTN, the sisters were able to greet all of the EWTN radio affiliates in the parlor.  This was our first meeting with the people behind the Guadalupe Radio Network:  Len Oswald, Toya Hall, the late Doug Pearson, and our own Richard Reyna, general manager of GRN in South Texas.  This was the beginning of a lasting friendship, though we had no idea it would eventually lead to a live radio show.

A Good Habit

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